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free hello. Welcome on the free vlog page and this page is an introduction for the next 3 pages and also explains the free vlog concept. The action to create a vlog was made last year (2021) and my will was only 30%, the rest 70% was an impulse from my friends. A friend girl from my friends motivated me to think very much about being different and who i’m right now and that’s why i chosed the word ‘free’ to represent the first word of every concept that will be realized and that means the first block editor (wordpress). If you notice, writing is different, there are no caps at the first word from the first block editor and in place of caps are small lettters and after all the word is bold. Anyway, i explained in more detail about this on the page ‘free me‘ and the page it can be found on the footer on the website.

free vlog idea

As mentioned above the idea was actually an advice from my friends. Now, i must mention that i use 3 video platforms and those platforms are: odysee, rumble and bitchute. This platforms was chosed because are free speech and that’s why i didn’t choose youtube. What i mean by free speech is that when i record a video and let say the topic will be something that is not allowed or is censored on social media and i want to express myself about it, well i know that on odysee, rumble and bitchute, is allowed to speak about it and to not be censored and please understand my low quality of english, thank you.

the topic and mindset

To be honest, i still think how to use the website and the video platforms and all in the same time. When i choose a topic, for the moment is spontaneous and my mindset is to be natural, different, balanced and very important to manage the anger and hate, because are very high at me. About channels is not to create more channels, is about to have 1 channel ‘freemadeinfo‘ and to create playlists with different concepts and those concepts to bring it here, on the website and the answer is to create diversity, this is what i believe. The posts on the page will be with video embed and a little description on the post and i’ll use the video networks numerically on posts categories, in this case (free vlog posts) and that means when i make a post on the concept ‘free vlog’, inside the first post i will use odysee video network, at second post rumble video network, at third post bitchute video network and at fourth post i will start again with odysee video network, after with rumble video network and on and on. The same i’ll do it with the other concepts and each concept page will have his own category for posts named after the concept ifself, as an example mentioned above (free vlog posts) and i still learn wordpress but as a friend of mine says: ‘everything can be learned, everything but don’t stop from learning, even if it’s difficult’.

odysee video network

  • odysee

I discovered odysee from a friend. Honestly, i’m on the platform from 3 months and even now, i don’t know how it function 100%, how the algorithm works and i still learning. From what i see, it haves an support button and the content creator can be supported, with tokens or cash and are some levels that user can gain after the use of the network. The video network is free speech and that means everyone can express themselves free but for me to express myself means to be decent in words, actually is more important for me the topic and things that happening in the world and are censored. If you want and have the pleasure to connect with me on odysee, i leave the invitation here to join: or if you are already there, follow my channel ‘freemadeinfo‘, thank you.

rumble video platform

  • rumble

About rumble i know it from a while. Here in my country are some news papers, public persons, doctors, different people that have huge following on social media and are on rumble and some of them are banned here because they spoke the truth and i watch them on rumble. Like on odysee, i start to create content from 3 months, actually i post the same video on all 3 but i will think about an strategy and to make something customized and of course to be different from other users. On rumble, from what i see is the same principle like on youtube and i like it, even if i don’t have many views. If you believe that you want to join on rumble, i leave here the invitation to connect there: or if you are already on the platform, subscribe to my channel ‘freemadeinfo‘, thank you.

bitchute video network

  • bitchute

Well, here is different. I know about bitchute from more then 1 year and they give me a badge for 1 year being there and an friend that is at work on UK (🇬🇧) told me about this video platform. At first, i use it for banned informations but like on odysee and rumble, i start to create content from 3 months. In short, this video network is simple and i like it because i can upload videos that are made with the phone in (MOV) format and to not convert in (MP4) format. If you wish and want to see bitchute video platform, i leave you the invitation here: or if you are already using the network, subscribe to my channel ‘freemadeinfo‘, thank you.

At the end, i wish you a beautiful free day ahead and thank you for your time.

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