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free hi. Welcome on bitchute page for bitchute free speech video network. This page is for the concept ‘free vlog’ on bitchute and i can tell you that the concept ‘free vlog’ is not a channel, are just the first words that are on the video title followed by (:) and after that the name of the topic of the vlog. The same principle is applied for rumble free speech video network that i use and for odysee free speech video network that i use and i decided to use only 1 channel and that is ‘freemadeinfo‘ but to create diversity and that means different concepts for topics and who follow me to know from the first words what it is about.

what is bitchute free speech network

I’m on bitchute from more then 1 year and i can say that bitchute is 100% free speech like odysee free speech video platform, if you want to know more about odysee, i leave the invitation for you here: Since i start to upload video content on bitchute but let me tell you that i saw many censored videos there about what is happenning in our world today and made me to think about to have an online presence but my friends have convinced me. Also, on bitchute are many videos from doctors that are censored on youtube and honestly, i learned many things about the human body and immune system. Indeed, is not like youtube and i mean about diversity content but after 1 year, personally it helped me very much with different informations and let me show you the bagde that bitchute give me because of 1 year using the platform.

how it works bitchute

On the platform, at the first view, it looks like youtube, same red color, thumbs up and down, subscribe button but at monetization is different and i mean for me is exclusivelly from donations and i don’t say that views don’t count but i’m not eligible for gain from views and even that i’m from 1 year on the network, i start uploading videos but my goal is to express myself, like i did on rumble video platform, if you want to know about rumble, i leave you the invitation here to find out: Also, bitchute because of the policy 100% for free speech can be helped with donations form users and to be supported like on odysee, let me be honest and to use the bitchute words because is different and is a dollar button named ‘tip&pledge’ and the content creator can be monetizated thru donations from other users but available are only on paypal, coinpayments (crypto currencies) and membership platforms (patreon and subscribestar). From my point of view, to gain donations mentioned above, content creators need to create videos that are honest and made in a such way to be supported and i mean for meticulous work and to bring the truth that from my point of view is denied on other platforms.

beautiful side of bitchute

What i like it most, is that the simple option to upload videos in (MOV) format. On the platform i saw a different option and i like it very much and is above the subscribe button, anyone can put their website link and after 5 links with social media, all in button forms and is impressive this kind of approach because you can connect on social media with that person and is very handy. If you consider that bitchute needs to be discovered, i leave the invitation for connection:

On the free end, i wish you a good day ahead and thank you for your time.

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