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free hello. How are you and i hope you are good with healthy thoughts 🙏

Nature is beautiful and is everywhere but in some places from my city it can be found the ‘gold’ and i mean blackberries gold 😃

Now, i know the place and i know the wild blackberries how they look like because in my childhood, i lived many years at the county at grandparents and the county there is a mountain area. At the county is not like the city, i need to go with sheeps at pasture but that means near the forest and there live bears, wolves, wild cat, etc but also, near the forest live the wild blackberries and that’s was the reason that i approached to the forest.

Here, in the city many knows this place with blackberries but from what i see teenagers are in loved with sugar and i mean sodas and adults are in loved with beer and to not say to someone to take blackberries for his family because it start the war but 5,6,8,12 beers is 👌. This is life but in the same time, at the grocery store 100 gr or 125 gr of blackberries are 2-2.5$ and is not cheap.

Life is life, we must adapt and to keep moving. This is rumble free nature post and if you don’t know about rumble free speech video platform, i invite you to discover and this is the invitation: https://freemadeinfo.online/rumble or if you are already on the platform, subscribe to my channel ‘freemadeinfo‘, thank you.

At the end, i wish you a great day ahead and a healthy lifestyle.

blackberries gold


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