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free hello. Welcome on the free blog page and this page is an introduction for free blog posts. I guess this means that i’m a ‘free blogger’ because i’m writing blogs or how i like to say free blogs. The idea to use the word free for everything that i do, i had it 7 to 8 months ago and the reason was a friend girl of mine because she told me to be different and i answered with ‘free ok’ and on that moment, on that day, i’ve noticed that i used the word ‘free’ and it’s the first word of the three from the blog’website name freemadeinfo. Maybe it sounds strange but all the website is made around this word but is good, like my friend girl say: find why and how to be different and be different.

What can i say, i’m not an expert on writing blogs and i don’t use copyright texts from the internet. Is not something bad to use copyright text, don’t understand me wrong but i feel that is not for me, even my writing is low quality but is me and i’d rather to accumulate experience from my own mistakes. Now, you see, are many blogs or videos on the internet about blogging and is something good but for me is simple, very simple and that is to write free blogs just like that with thoughts from that moment and even now as i write some thoughts are not about what i do now and it’s annoying but what can i do? Well, i’m just going to write.

Right now, i see that i’m writing to describe this page and in the same time are some thoughts about what i will write on my first free blog post and i’m laughing 😀 because is difficult to write here and to think about what i want to write next, what a funny situation and i must write and those thoughts do not stop. I will drink some tea with coconut oil to relax and to focus just on this page and how to described. Just thinking and realized that i don’t know, honestly, i don’t know what to write about this page and that’s why those thoughts about writing the first blog post won’t leave me alone and i guess this is the writer’s syndrome and i don’t know if this syndrome exist but for me is good because i didn’t stop from writing and i still write my thoughts.

Honestly, this free blog page from my point of view is an description about why and how i think when a free blog post it’s going to be written. If you are here and still read and if you wonder why i write in this way or you want to know more about my decision to be online, is all described on the page ‘free me‘ on the bottom of the blog’website. In this moment, i’ve observed that i stop from writing and thinking about nothing, is strange, i guess this thinking about nothing for few moments belongs to writer’s syndrome, if this syndrome exist or is just an invention from my thoughts to describe what i feel and think and how do i behave when i’m writing.

This is the description for free blog page. Is not professional done but is sincere done. I will write about many topics but first on some topics i will need to read and learn and after to express myself thru blogging and about situations that happen in my life, i will write spontaneous. I must stop here with the description and to relax a little, just no phone, no laptop, just silence.

At the end, i wish you a beatiful free day ahead.

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