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free hello. How are you today and i hope you are good with positive thoughts 🙏

What a beautiful day, with sun and good mood. Today, i revealed the book ”Atomic Habits” from James Clear and how helped me to discover a way to name the concepts: free blog, free vlog, free nature, free hair, free health, free news and under those forms to express myself but specifically at each concept. 

Honestly, i readed the book seriously and not fast. In this moment, i read another book but is about self-esteem and perception of the environment and how the self-perception create the reality, my own reality but in a positive way or if i can’t, to make a balance between negative and positive.

Is an amazing book and the message is to take action but to start with tiny habits. I believe that those tiny habits will transform in sustainable habits but to be consecvent. Now, how to be consecvent and why, actually, from my point of view the ‘why’ must be first because means your purpose and after to come the ‘how’ that means to apply your purpose. But to apply a purpose thru a concept, with all do respect, you need to create habits, new habits. The problem is at the old habits, in my case to much time at gain informations and zero time to apply the info. So, on the concept ‘free health’, i decided to apply from a book, a nutrition book from a holistic doctor from my country and in the same time to learn what i read from the book and to create video content on instagram, facebook page (i must make it), minds, gab, odysee, rumble and bitchute.

I know that to take action is difficult but i quote James Clear: ”You need to start creating”. Now, is not a problem that the thinking process wants to do it and you do it but expressing yourself is low quality, actually, without knowing, you start doing something.

Life is life, we must adapt and to keep moving. This is the rumble free vlog post and if you don’t know about rumble free speech video network, i invite you to discover and this is the invitation: https://freemadeinfo.online/rumble

At the end, i wish you a beautiful free day ahead and positive habits.

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