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free hello. How are you and i hope you are good with positive thoughts πŸ™

Today is a new day and very good for a new concept ‘free hair‘ and this will be my journey to not lose hair and to get it back. This words ‘to get it back’ are very difficult to make it true and that because i need to change my lifestyle 100%. An healthy lifestyle, that include eating, drinking water, sport for blood flow to the scalp, manage hormones (dihydrotestosterone, cortisol, low testosterone, etc), sleep, etc.

To mention dht (dihydrotestosterone) blockers, i read about finasteride and many people haves different opinions, that affect the sexual life, now i don’t know because i didn’t use it but are others dht blockers, like saw palmetto, pygeum extract, pumpkin seeds oil, etc. I will decide what to use but for me is very important an healthy lifestyle, to be accurate, metabolic health.

About products for hairloss, with dht blockers, peppermint oil that stimulate blood flow on the scalp and many exctracts similar, i will do the research and i will choose some. I believe this kind of products are good, now here to, are reviews from people that use this products with pro & cons but in the end, to choose something, to use it and after or in the process of using, to express my experience.

This is was, i know that are many things to say but this is just an announcment for get it back the hair lost πŸ™‚

Life is life, we must adapt and to keep moving. This is the odysee free hair post and if you don’t know about odysee free speech video network, i invite you to discover and this is the invitation: https://freemadeinfo.online/odysee

At the end, i wish you a beautiful free day ahead and don’t give up at your hair.

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