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free hello. This is the first post on the website for free vlog concept. Now, my strategy is to write an introduction for the topic ‘free log out’ because i will embed the video and in this case is odysee video platform. Honestly, i’m a newbie in blogging but try to combine the blog post with the video and i will start in the beginning like this, meaning an introduction and after the video. In the future or better to say, in the process of writing posts, blog posts, i guess the change will come, who knows but will see 🙂

On this free vlog, i shared my experience to say like that with the phone Samsung A10 and Android OS. I use it daily for 2 weeks, i use it before but only when i charge the iPhone and switching SIM card to have internet (i use hotspot at home, i will explain in another free vlog ‘why’ and of course, another post here). In those 2 weeks, i was log out many times from social media apps including video apps (i use odysee, rumble and bitchute) and the reason for me is UNknown and honestly was UNcomfortable.

Also, i observed another strange situation and that is, when using the social media apps, i mean inside the app and i don’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️ why the app itself closed and after i need it to enter again but in the same time, i was log out. The app closed, ok, enter the app but because i was log out, was need it to enter the password and after that i was on the app again. Was no problem this issue, the problem was that this situation was regularly and was UNusual for me.

The happy ending was that i have returned at the old iPhone SE and of course with his problems to but not those mention above. The old iPhone have battery issues after 6 years and some microphone issues and that’s why i use to speak at the headphones, in rest is ok and must mention that is small, very small from the phones on 2022 but i must accept it, like it is.

At the end, if you don’t know about odysee, i leave here the invitation to connect on this free speech video platform: https://freemadeinfo.online/odysee

Take care of you and let’s hear only good news.

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