free me

free hello. My name is George. I’m just a normal person and when i say ‘normal’, i mean with positive thoughts and negative thoughts. Honestly, i don’t know what i want and is not only about revenue, is about my mindset and who i’ll become. Now, a friend girl from a corporation here in my country, told me to be myself and different in the same time and is a very difficult situation, with all the news, many (70%) are negative, now, this is the reality in the world and i believe that are positive situations but are not promoted so much from the press, so, what can i do, honestly, to keep myself in a balance mode and that means to watch the negative, positive, but to remain in the middle. If you see, i write only with small letters the first letter at the first wordpress block editor and i use the letter ‘i’ with uppercase ‘I’ at each beginning of the phrase but inside of phrases the letter is with ‘i’. After i spoked with that friend girl, mentioned above, i decide to be different and i discover that nobody writes with only small letters the first letter at the first block editor (in my case wordpress) and to use lower-case letter ‘i’ inside of phrases (if is someone there, online or offline or both, respect, but my knowledge is limited about this and i say it because from what blogs, websites, news, etc, i’ve read from a while, i didn’t see what i did here, but i repet, if is someone, respect). Also, i think about the greet formula and that is ‘free hi or free hello’ and ‘hi or hello’ being bold, in this way my content will start. I suppose it looks strange because is unique, honestly, i didn’t see someone to do it but like my friend girl said, no matter what, just let your imagination come to life. Now, if you are here and read, you will see that i didn’t use the 99% words ”about me” or other words that are used, instead i create other words and because my pseudonym is ‘freemadeinfo’, i choosed ‘free me’ and think it about this from 6 months, please don’t laugh but it was not easy for me to find myself (thinking process) and to not copy anyone from social media or a successful person and in the future probably i’ll change some things. I find it very difficult in a world of technology, many experts, and me a person like you, to come normal, real, different, all in the same time and to remain like this on life journey.

free help

Instead of using the usual words ‘why and how to help people’, ‘why is important to help you’ and so go on, if you take how much time you want to think, to realize, to meditate, the word ”help” is UNconditionally, like our parents take care of us, with much or less money, we grow biological and when we are young, we don’t realize but subconsciously is this manifestation for help. With no offence, i’m not an psychologist, free ok, i’ve read some books but the point is to be different and myself, like i mention earlier and why to use the (90%) of marketing words that are used by many people and honestly to use the word ‘free’ because we grow our mind free, from our parents is the first free instinct and second, let say the marketing name is ‘freemadeinfo’, if you see the first word is ‘free’ the second ‘made’ and the third ‘info’. So, i have an double reason to use the word ‘free’ all over the internet space and of course, on my blog’video’website to and i changed even the plugins with the word ‘free’ and with my own style, on contact form, newsletter form, on the comment plugin, etc. My friends, told me to look on the internet and to find a good copyright and to use it here and all over my website, uhhh, i watch at them (exception, the corporation friend girl) and i said: why to use something that have marketing impact and to impress people? When, i don’t know who i’m and i want to find out but in the same time i want to grow (mentally), i want to create (for the moment, words) but the point is that i want to be me, even if is low quality, like i said in my ‘free vlogs’ but is me and i ask them: what is wrong to be yourself and UNsuccessful? The sun shine everyday, even if i’m a newbie. Look, i’m not an anti’success person but to copy others and lying to myself and to you, well, is not my goal, is not the ‘free help’ and with all do respect, i see on social media this kind of behaviour, i don’t judge anyone but i say this: ‘free real’ means free help and improving leads to success.

free goal of the website

The goal, the goal, the goal, the goal, many goals but the ‘free goal’ is to express myself with the thinking process at the time, let say right now. We humans, mentally, evolve everyday by reading, viewing videos, sharing stories, different situations in our lives and in this way at the end of the day, many and me aslo, we need money to pay our life, we are not cave humans anymore but we hunt, but now we hunt on the grocery stores with money and money now means technology, cards, phone pay, crypto, etc. To say that the goal of this website is to not make a remuneration, i will be a modern human but not able to hunt on the grocery store and this is the reality. Also, the money process, for me is the result because the main goal is to express myself in front of you and from our connection (modern connection), will result revenue. Here, from my point of view, when i say ‘express myself’ means to bring value and let me to show you what means value for me: ”the obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply” – Khalil Gibran.

This quote for me is very powerful because i can read and learn (generally) from different topics, like biology, nutrition, physiology, physics, etc, and to find a solution that can be used in our daily life, a lifestyle to be accurate, so, simply to apply and from this perspective i mean the ‘free goal’ is to bring value and to transform as a result being ‘free help’ and also revenue. I’m not anti’money, with them we live but i don’t want my thinking process to be focused only for revenues because they are a result of my actions.

free thank you

Just a simple and beautiful thank you for your free time and to have positive thoughts, from George.

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