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free hello. How are you today and i hope you are well with positive communication thoughts 🙏

Well, communication right know is everything, i mean digital communication because are some people that use the old communication with old phones, letters, telegrams, postcards, etc and is nothing wrong from my point of view, but the world.

Let’s be honest, digital communication and i mean thru apps like whatsapp, telegram, wechat, viber, messenger, etc are in control right now and will be, if you like it or not, this is the reality, of course you can denied but that doesn’t mean that this reality will dissapear.

From this amalgamation of messaging, chating, video or how you want to name it, i choosed 2 digital worldwide apps and in the future what apps or programs that i will start to use, will be added here but by then let’s see this 2 apps and to explain why and is very important the ‘why’ and i will explain how to use it because is important to know, so let’s start.

Don’t be afraid of digital communication apps and especially the alternatives

This communication phone app & desktop is the same like whatsapp, telegram, viber, etc and i decided to use it after i deleted whatsapp and telegram. Whatsapp was deleted because i didn’t comply with their privacy&policies and if deleted process didn’t happen, they will deleted my account anyway at the date mentioned by them, so good bye. With telegram the reason was different, with all do respect, i don’t have nothing against telegram but i was there and i received daily from users, so much ‘news with truth injected with negativity, hate, anger’ that i decided to delete it and i want to spread positivity, solutions and is enough for me the negativity, hate, anger said in a chill mode on social media, blogs and on those free speech social media and video platforms. This app, indeed is by invitation only and remunerate persons who use it and i choose it but to use it to communicate, not to play games, seeing videos, cash back, surveys, etc to be paid, those options are there but not interested for, i want to connect with people worldwide and if remuneration is gained is ok but my mindset is not to make money with this app, actually don’t care about how much can be made from the network, i care to connect with you because at the end of the day, is just an messaging & video phone app & desktop like other apps but the goal is to communicate and if you are a network mindset person, well build your own network but for me communication is the purpose and let’s connect from here.

I know that logo looks like whatsapp. Well the inventor of this app is the inventor of the app with the name whatsapp but from i read, it was banished by the owner of the group of subsidiaries named ‘Meta’ right now, it is true, is not true, i don’t know but this inventor invented this app and is a private messanger & video app on Google Play & App Store and i use it with some friends that they decided to use only this app and understood why they decided to break up from subsidiary whatsapp and all that you need to do to use this private app, is just to type on Google Play & App Sore the word Signal. Wish you a private free day ahead.

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