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free hello. How are you today and i hope you are good with positive financial thoughts 🙏

Well, on this page i will share what online banks that i use and why and how to use it. Also, i will share online wallets and some are for crypto currencies and i know that not all the people are open for crypto. Now, when i mention crypto, that doesn’t mean i was talking about trading and i know that are many people who trade crypto but crypto can be gain in other ways, for example on the bitchute video network, i can receive crypto from other persons who wants to support my channel, so i need a crypto wallet and if you want to join me there, here you can. Also, i’m on the free speech social media named ‘Minds’ and those tokens gained from there i must receive on a crypto wallet and if you want to see this social media, here it is.

Life is life, we must adapt and keep moving.

Free online banks

I use this online bank from the day 1 here, when it was available in my country. I have the physical card from them and many friends of mine are here to, so we transfer money free between us. Some people haves negative impact with this company but me only positive impact and i must mention that i’m on a standard plan and i limited the money for transactions. Is no need for a physical card from what i know because they make a virtual card on the app but with physical card is simple to pay on society and you can if you want to see it from here.

This online app offers financial services from what i know worldwide but in UK (United Kingdom) and EU (European Union) is 100% available. I use it because to have an Euro currency bank account on my country at the local banks and international banks with branches of banks here, well is not cheap, an Euro currency bank account means to pay monthly minimum 5€ and let’s be honest each other here, why to pay when i have this option with this online app to have an IBAN in Euro for free? And that’s why i use it and you can use to from here and when you sign up, if you are asked for an invite code, this is it: GEOR4797

This online app is very special for me, is unique from what i know. First of all, at the registration process you will see a green button and you have a fee-free international transfer and the currencies don’t need to be the same and you can transfer up to 600$ on what currency you want and the person who receive your fee-free transfer to have a bank account with a different currency from yours and is amazing. Notice that this fee-free international transfer up to 600$ is only 1 time at the registration process and you need an bank account, online bank account, a psyhical card from a local or international bank or just from another online app to make the transfer. I use this online financial service and i have an psyhical card from them because to send money is cheap, everywhere. The reason that i joined, personally, after the fee-free international transfer in what currency i want is because this online service provide online bank accounts (IBAN) from many countries in the world, i know that it sounds like an fantasy but i have with this app service, UK bank account, EU bank account, USA bank account, Turkiye bank account, Australia bank account, Canada bank account, Singapore bank account, India bank account, New Zealand bank account, Hungary bank account, etc and i can convert to send, spend and receive from 50 countries like UAE, Argentina, Switzerland, China, Costa Rica, Israel, Japan, West Africa, Russia, Vietnam, Chile, Egypt, Hong Kong, etc and let say a person wants to send you money from Philippines and that means on your currency and even if is from an online service the fee will be expensive but with this online service app and desktop, you create and open your Philippines currency account in few seconds and the person that send you money in your Philippines currency account will pay a lower fee from him but when money arrives in your Philippines currency account, you just transfer in the app & desktop on your country currency bank account and if you have the psyhical card you can use it instantly or to transfer in your local bank account at insignificant fee and users in the app & desktop have zero fee at sending money between them, to not mention that you can have an online business and people from USA pay with $ directly in your USA bank account and you are in Mexico or France (EU), just an example and you can discover it from here.

Crypto payment and wallet

I must mention that are many, many, many crypto platforms, payments, wallets, etc. I do not sustain that this platform is the best and i’m not an expert in the crypto currency space but this crypto service from 2013 if i’m not wrong, is just what i need. From what i see it have available many, many, many crypto coins and are to many for me but this means to be in this kind of business i guess and also haves merchant tools, so you can use in your online business to receive payments for your products in crypto and an option ”PayByName” and honestly i didn’t understand very well what it is but is there. At transaction fees is cheap but i didn’t compare with other crypto services to be honest with you and it haves 2FA with login from Trezor and you will receive a code on your email and security this days is very important. The service is free and if you want make an comparison with others, do it and free join from here.

What i like at this crypto wallet is that haves desktop wallet and online wallet and of course phone app wallet. My phone is old from 2016 and to not have many apps, is better to be on desktop or online. Now, if you don’t use a pc or laptop, well the phone will be your choice. Why i use this wallet? Because can be connected with Tron network and Ontology at staking assets. What is staking? Well, is the process to keep your funds in a cryptocurrency wallet and to receive passive income for supporting all the operations in the blockchain. Anyway, from what i see, they will add prepaid visa card and that’s what i wait to happen. If you want to find more is ok from here.

Important free ℹ️nfo: If you have questions before to register, you contact me directly on this free messaging and video app and it’s the same like whatsapp and telegram and is available on Google Play & App Store.

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