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free hello. How are you today and i hope you are good with positive thoughts 🙏

Well, my positive mindset friend, i must say that what i use for me i believe it could be for you, too.

This portfolio with marketing tools and other programs will be updated constantly.

If i believe that a marketing tool, program or other product is good or have high value and i can’t purchase and that means i don’t use it, will be mentioned that is important but is just my opinion without using it.

free ℹ️nfo: What is recommended below can be free 100%, is free but you can upgrade (purchase) and is not from affiliate offer and that means i don’t earn an commission from it but i recommended because is important, is free but you can upgrade (purchase) and i will earn a commission, is free for 14, 30, 45 days but you can upgrade (purchase) and when you do, i will earn an commission from it and this type of products from i see will need from you to make an account there, is free but you can upgrade (purchase) and the commission will be earned but is recurring (monthly) and the company will announce you, is not free you purchase from the begginning and the commission is earned and finally is not free, you purchase from the begginning and i don’t earn a commission. I do not influence the price on the affiliate offers and that means you are not debited more for your purchases. The commissions earned will be use to improve this blog-vlog-website and video products acquisition and thankfully with your support.

Online video & audio editor

This online video converter i use it specially for odysee free speech video network that is an alternative for youtube and if you want to discover the platform, i leave you the invitation here. Why i use this one from many is because allow me to convert an maximum video file of 1GB. Now, on odysee free speech video platform, i can only upload video content on MP4 in H264/AAC and friendly bitrate under 8 Mgps. From what i see and from my research this is good because the many online sites let you with only 500 MB and to not mention the watermark. This site converter have many other tools and you can find out from here.

Well, this online video site is impressive, with all do respect, if you don’t have a budget to buy a program for video, audio and other services, this is what you need and you will get so many for free. The only disadvantage is at video because at free plan it let you to have the maximum file size of 700 MB. From what i see, this site haves many options when it comes for video & audio content, not like Adobe Video Creator but offers a lot and without watermark and is great. If you want to see, look here.

Online design for photos

This tiny website offers a simple and fast way to circle crop images and other tools for images. If you are hurried this tiny website can help you. Even my favicon website i made it here.

This website is more complex than the one described above and is a great tool for images and is here.

Well this website is all in one. It haves tools for presentations, talking on presentation, mobile presentation and many templates for presentation. At social media haves tools for, edit photo, instagram post, facebook post, instagram story, facebook cover, instagram reel, tik tok video, youtube thumbnail and intro and banner, twitter post, pinterest pin, linkedin banner, etc. On video haves many options for all social media platforms and for ads. At print products the list is so long that you have to discover it. On marketing & office are all the tools to create logo, business cards, coupons, ads and much more. Is build even for teams, if you don’t work alone and all the features you can discover from here.

URL shortner platforms

This platform is my favorite. I know that is not like or but on the free plan and i use the free plan, let us to use custom domain name and on other platforms this is not allowed if you don’t upgrade, so, find out from here.

If you know about bitly or not, now you know the first time or again. Here to use custom domain name, you need to upgrade but it offers good analitics on a free plan and in the emails is accepted and i mean that email providers don’t send on spam the emails with bitly links in them and that’s why i like it. Is here.

From my point of view, this platform is a competitor to bitly with differences of course but they allow on free plan custom domain links, maximum 3 and is not like Rebrandly, actually is a little difficult because you need to go at your domain company and to set ”DNS A record” and add ”DNS TXT” and after that the magic is happenning but is an important tool and if you want to see it, look it here.

All in one platform

From this platform i learned the basics for having an website and a little mindset to be online. It offers 2 domains for website or blog and are hosted there and 10 lessons for free and if you want to learn is free forever but after those 10 lessons are some limitations and yes, you can use those 2 domains on being free there and other benefits. I let you to discover it from here.

All in one hosting company

This is the second year with this company. The first year i purchased an single shared hosting plan and was cheap for 1 website and provided me an professional email address and honestly i need just 1 but they provided for free and an website builder, so i sign up with them. Now, after 1 year i have renewed but now is more cheap at 2.99$ a month and for minimum 12 months and that means 35.88$ and they offer a free website builder, a free domain with lifetime SSL, 100 email addresses, 100 websites, 100 GB SDD storage, UNlimited bandwidth, UNlimited databases, SSH access, UNlimited FTP account, UNlimited cronjobs and i was agree, how to refuse it and the services that they provide, after 1 year with them, made me to continue and for you here.

Domain name company

Also, this is the second year with this company. From my point of view and other persons reviews, it may be the best company for domain name. It offers ”WHOIS”, free DNS, premium DNS in the first year for free. Also, provide hosting but i choosed the company mentioned above because is a company specialized on hosting, like this company is specialized on domain. At security, it brings domain vault, VPN (virtual private network), cyber insurance, id validation, 2FA (2 factors authentification), anti-spam protection. It haves his own apps for reviews, relate social, relate legal, site maker, logo maker, business card maker and many options. I choosed this company for domain name after many researches and like many companies have cons and pros but pros are at the top and cons at the minimum seen, so i choosed them for the second year and so do you here, if you want, of course. (P.S: if you use ‘brave’ browser, before to click, disable the shield because the shield stop the link to let it load properly). Thank you.

Email marketing companies

I use this company at my website, at my sidebar form. On a free plan let you with only 500 subscribers and 3000 emails send on a month. Indeed, are many companies that offers much more on a free plan but this company don’t disable or delete your account if you will not be active a long time and besides this appearance, i use it the most because it haves a higher delivery of emails in the inbox and in the inbox the emails need to get. The use of the platform is simple and i like the welcome, UNsubscribe and landing pages that can be made very simple and you can check it from here.

Well, this company provide more at the free plan and is up to 2500 subscribers and up to 15000 emails send on a month. The same is that you are not active for a long time, your account will not be disable or deleted. The same, are many companies on the market that can offer more but the delivery of emails in the inbox is the main goal. Like the another one mentioned above, format of the email and the structure that the company made it, make it be likeable for the email providers and that means your emails in the inbox and emails in the inbox is 100% what you want, of course, if you want from here.

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