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free hi. How are you? I hope you are free ok and positive thinking is your mindset, if not, don’t worry but try how much you can to keep the positive vibe high. You know, i know, many knows that negative vibe is very high in the world right now, so, what can we do? We can be positive or negative, or both but the balance โš–๏ธ between those 2 must be restored and preserved. In this way will have freedom, our internal freedom.

Now, let’s begin. Today, here in my country is the first day without covid ๐Ÿฆ  restrictions, no state of alert (was annulled) from our beautiful government that broked the constitution in those 2 years, so many times, so many times but the amazing constitution from my country saved me and protected me and that’s why i’m still UNvaccinated and thanks those who wrote it, so, 1st day UNmasked at work ๐ŸŽ‰, free happy, joy, freedom, liberty but not for all. Some, remained trapped but is their decision, i don’t want to judge anyone, that’s why some still wearing the mask ๐Ÿ˜ท.

Today, at work i made the 1st sin. Well, also, today is the second day of vegan lifestyle and i choosed to experience what means to be vegan because i choosed to try and to keep the Orthodox fasting till Easter holiday and again, today i saw an co’worker from the shop pull&bear and her name is Carina. I saw her, honestly, after 2 years of wearing a mask and i must say it was really exciting, this girl is more than very beautiful and i told to my coordinator that a new employee and beautiful girl is on the pull&bear team. My coordinator start to laugh and to laugh and he don’t stop and i ask him: what’s up? He answer me: George, is Carina, you know her from 4 years but from the last 2 years you know her only with the mask. I was, i don’t know how to say it but her beauty impressed me but in the same time, Orthodox fasting is not about only to not eat animal products, is about to have a positive thinking, no carnal pleasure and here i mean, no sex, no fap but here at no fap is about sexual abdation without ejaculation and i guess for me is about no sex. Now, on the internet are many people that speak about this no fap concept and honestly, from what i see, not all mention no fap = masturbation, i didn’t understand 100% but i guess some of them mention no fap = semen retention and i see they mention no sex, i guess, i must inform much better because some people make reference at no fap in years, i mean no sex from years, no ejaculation, impressive to have that kind of control. After the incident today with Carina, i realized that i made the 1st sin, i guess i’m weak but i must go on, if i want to succeed. What it was, it was, be the past but not the future, i guess this means to learn from the mistake of carnal pleasure.

After i finish work, i was on a journey to buy some vegan protein powders, i also buy soy, ahh, to much estrogen but i will not eat it everyday and i buy it some protein bars but the ingredients are UNusual from my point of view but also, those protein bars was cheap, what can i say, cheap is cheap ๐Ÿ˜•. After the vegan shopping to say like that, i was on a park and it was snowing and i like snow, i know is spring but here spring is like winter, i guess climate change. In this free vlog: freedom, i mention my point of view about refugees from Ukraine and only about refuges, not about war/attack/conflict army/army conflict or i don’t know, everyone haves his perception but about refugees the freedom of choice is to go on the west and is a fact. Anyway, i explained on the free vlog about it and me personally, i agree with it and don’t understand me wrong, they can choose to go on east but the fact is they choose to go on west and like i mention on free vlog; freedom, from my point of view 95% of them choose to go on west. It is like it is and i’m happy for those people from my country that help them how much they can, how they can and motivate others to give free help. And without knowing 16 minutes was made and when i realized, i was amazed and i decided to finish with my finger by tapping the red button โญ•๏ธ from the iPhone screen.

At the end, i wish you a beautiful free day ahead and free thank you for your time here.

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