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What a month here, very warm and many fires but the tragedy is that those fires are at cereals (wheat specially). Now, some says that the fires are natural and some says that are intentionally made, who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️. I start to watch at news from the topic ”climate change” on facebook, instagram but also on free speech social media like minds & gab and opinions are different but i believe that climate change or Gl🌏bal WARm🔥ng is real. Now, i must watch at experts because i don’t believe on the scenario from WEFR (World Economic Forum Regime) and i use the word ”Regime” to not cuss and to be honest with you, all my hate, anger and negativity i manage with this word ”Regime” because is to much hate, anger and negativity, so, to hear from me to, i guess is enough.

I also watch at Portugal and they have forest fire but again, is natural or UNnatural, i don’t know but is not good. Also, on Russia, on Rostov area wheat lands are on fire and locals from there says that was intentionally made, now is nothing clear. What i do see on my country is that our forest are cut and the wood goes on the west 49% and outside EUR (European Union Regime) the rest 51% (source: romania-insider). I use the word ”Regime” at many situations like i mentioned above and to get back at the Gl🌎bal WARm🔥ng, from what i know trees get CO2 and keep C (carbon) and release O2 and with all do respect, logically means to not cut forests? EUR and all the corruption from there to make laws and to restrict the all wood outside from EUR at maximum 20%? And Romania the same, maximum 20% (not 51%)?. Is Gl🌏bal WARm🔥ng but here forests are cut like crazy and to not mention the corruption from here because is astronomical and can be seen from the planet Jupiter, no joke.

Now, Germany, Austria and other countries, don’t cut their forests like we do here and on EUR, after Italy, Germany is the second importer of wood from Romania (source: romania-insider) and the question is: Germany forests are not cut because? And WEFR tells us to eat bugs and to give up at cows but no problem with cut the forests for Italy, Germany, Hungary, etc and for outside EUR, so money and the wood business must go on? I repet, trees get CO2 and give back O2 and the question is: Forests that are cut, means more CO2, more Gl🌍bal WARm🔥ng? We live in a nasty world and money still wins and some businesses that are still there with wood from Romania, so the corruption is good at something, to keep the businesses alive on the wood industry but no problem with high CO2, cows are the enemies in full food crisis.

I will make time and on my free speech video networks channel odysee, rumble & bitchute, i will show you how many forests are cut and the corruption behind this business and is very nasty and ugly situation. When i see this climate change movement and what happens here for money, is insane, is insane.

So, to be a little ironic, i buy those slippers because i like it and second i UNited the land between them because of the Gl🌍bal WARm🔥ng and so much water because one of the factors is the cutting of forests, ironically but true 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣%.

Life is life, we must adapt and to keep moving and at the end, don’t forget to look at the wood industry, to see the slaughter🪓 .

Global WARming


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