is spring and march month but outside is winter

free hi. This is my first free blog post and i feel that i create something and of course thru words and i wonder in the same time about this feeling because is not the first time when i write on my blog’website, could be the writer’s syndrome and like i said on free blog page, i don’t know if this syndrome exist or is just an invention from my thoughts to describe what i don’t know about myself when i’m writing, who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️, i guess i will find out in the beautiful future and i hope the future to be more positive than now.

Today, after i finish work and going home, i saw this fir tree and snow around him. Now, today is 8 march and is women day but also, march month is the first spring month and here it’s snowing, i mean it’s snowing and the UNusual part is that, on winter time was like on spring time, sunny days with 17’18’19 and even 22’23 degrees Celsius and because of the warm weather, nature was tricked and some trees on january they start to muddy and was very strange for me. So, what can i do, i make a photo (the photo above) and i wait the bus, actually here is a bus station. In that time of waiting a co’worker was on the bus station and we started talking and just like that i was on the bus without knowing, strange situation when you realize the moment, i mean, i was thinking at something, someone comes, communication is on, i realize that i ‘m on bus and about what i was thinking before that co’worker to come, was lost, ahhh.

what can be done

When i realize that my thoughts was lost, i was disappointed but i was happy because today is the day and in this day our government make the reality to become true and the state of alert was abolished and i realize that i’m on the bus without the mask, the great mask against covid and UNvacxinated, i’m laughing, is good to have freedom again. Now, negative vibes are here on my country, many people are upset because of the lifestyle is expensive from the situation on Ukraine, for some war, for some attack, for some conflict zone, everyone with his opinion but those people that run away from Ukraine are sad, i guess extremlly sad. All this thoughts in the bus, going home from work, speaking with the co’worker and watching on the bus and i see UNhappy faces from those like me that don’t have’t the mask but life goes on and the co’worker still speaking with me, honestly, to not be rude and i’m laughing right now in this moment of writing because my co’worker was speaking with in the bus and i approved him in what he say but i didn’t know what he talking about, i was so detached and i don’t know if he realized that i’m gone with thinking process far away from his subject.

After i get off the bus, i don’t know how to say it but the co’worker said that is not good for the environment what is happening now with the weather and nature will suffer, specially trees and i was looking at him and i say: look, i was thinking about this before to get in the bus and i have lost those thoughts but now, you bring it back. And i was very happy. The strange situation to say like that is that i made another photo and now i see that the trees are fir trees, like the first photo, what a coincidence but is good that we still have fir trees on the city, to make a positive vibe.

what is done is done

Walking and speaking with the co’worker about how strange the weather is and the climate change is real and what we know about climate change because everyone has an opinion and is not so easy to speak about it but anyway, i arrived on the bus station again, my co’worker goes in his way home with tramway, i say to him ‘free hi’ till tomorrow when we will see again at work and i remained alone on the bus station. Just looking outside, the bus was not coming and i realize that those trees, fir trees, are special, very specially, i say this because they are green always and because of that they make oxigen (O2) all the time, honestly, i didn’t inform myself about this making oxigen (O2) all the time statement but i just thinking that, if they are green till they go to heaven, trees heaven 🙂, they take (CO2) from the environment and give us back (O2). The bus come and get in, without the mask i was the only one but this is life and outside is winter on spring time. The bus stop at my station, i get out and people who get in looked at me because i was without the mask, i guess they will survive or those womens who saw me, will dream about me, who knows.

In the way home, i realize that this is the first day of my vegan journey. I want to experience vegan lifestyle till easter holidays and i feel nervous because i know that i can’t eat animal products, what a feeling, what a feeling. I walk, i walk and near home, a thought come in my mind and said: George, you need protein! After that, i think about to buy some protein powders (peas and rice and hemp) but also so start to eat some soy, from what i read’t, it haves to much estrogen but i will not eat daily. Is the first time when i decide to go vegan and i guess i will experience the high’carbohydrates lifestyle. In the free end, i was at home and before to enter the house, i watched at some birds that play in snow, what can i say, some birds like to play in snow, they like winter, funny birds.

is spring and march month but outside is winter


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