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free hello. How are you today and i hope you are good with happy thoughts 🙏

What a moment, relax on the park, green color 💚 and from nowhere a pheasant couple comes with no stress and just walking. I guess that i was on their territory but i made a little time to record it and my phone battery was low, under 10%.

Honestly, is the first time when i see pheasant birds in the park. Here on the city are many places where pheasant bird live but in the park, where is full with people, i didn’t believe it but now i’m impressed. Anyway, i let you to watch it and enjoy it.

Life is life, we must adapt and to keep moving. This is the odysee free news post and if you don’t know about odysee free speech video network, i invite you to discover and this is the invitation: https://freemadeinfo.online/odysee

At the end, i wish you a beautiful free day ahead and happy moments.

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pheasant couple


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