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free hello. Welcome on rumble page for rumble free speech video network. This page is for the concept ‘free vlog’ on rumble and i can tell you that the concept ‘free vlog’ is not a channel, are just the first words that are on the video title followed by (:) and after that the name of the topic of the vlog. The same principle is applied for odysee free speech video network that i use and for bitchute free speech video network that i use and i decided to use only 1 channel and that is ‘freemadeinfo‘ but to create diversity and that means different concepts for topics and who follow me to know from the first words what it is about.

what is rumble free speech video platform for me

The reason that i joined on rumble is because on my country some news papers, public persons, doctors, politicians, etc, joined rumble because of the censorship from youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram and they are important for me, that’s why i follow them on rumble. Now, some people on the internet say that rumble is not 100% free speech and honestly, i don’t know what to say here because who i follow here is not censored but i will discover in the future. From the period of time i’m active on rumble, upload videos and i watch other users and i can say that is free speech, from my point of view. So, the platform is for content creators that make videos but those videos are censored on youtube and i believe that some of them use this platform to express themselves free, this is what i believe.

how rumble function

The beautiful thing is that rumble is the same like youtube but don’t have the same functionality on a free version and i say this because on the platform is a ‘pro package’ and the word ‘pro’ is highlighted with red color and i guess is a paid version but i don’t know, i didn’t use it because i saw the ‘pro’ word and for me the platform is enough like it is. About monetization, is like youtube from views and i don’t know how much is gain from how much views but is a different from youtube because is a button with red and say ‘join’ and this means an exclusive area to support the content creator and are some benefits, like: the video is without ads, live chat, some videos that are able only there, etc. I find this interesting because is like patreon, a membership to say like that and i guess this is it and honestly i didn’t inform very much because i saw the support button and i guess is the same principle like on odysee free speech video network. If you want to find more about odysee, you can join from here:

why rumble is beautiful

With no offence, what i like most on rumble is the color and the color is green (🟢) and for me is the second that i like after blue color. It makes me think about nature when i use the platform and of course, the free speech policy more or less, here i can’t say 100% like odysee video platform. Anyway, on the platform are many impressive videos but i must mention that is not like on youtube on the diversity of content but rumble haves many public persons that from what i see make different videos and are not like those from youtube and of course this video network let content creators to syncronize their youtube channel with rumble and is a good thing. If you decide or think about to find what means rumble video platform, i leave the invitation to connect:

At the end, let me say thank you for your time and have a beautiful free day ahead.

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