the old lady is alive and safe

free hello. Hehe, how are you? I hope you are well and with good vibes ☯︎

Few days ago, i finished my work and in my way to the bus station, i recorded an video with 2 pigeons and they kiss each other and after that i saw a love birds scene 😃. Because of the time that i spend to record the pigeons, i lose the bus and i say to myself: Don’t worry, another one will come!

The next bus is in the station with number (131) and come on the station. I thought for few seconds to take it or not, because this bus haves an long route and because on the station was not a bus with number (335), that have a small route to my destination station, i take it the 131 bus. In the bus, i was looking at the video that i record it and is funny and i laughed very much. Honestly, nature is beautiful, very beautiful but our time to examine and to discover nature is insignificant but we must go on.

The bus, i mean the driver was very fast and the road at that time was empty, i was surprised but i was happy, i will get home faster. Now, at that day, on the bus, after i saw again the pigeons kiss video, i use it facebook and without knowing how time pass and social media haves an pleasure way to say like that and keep you there, don’t ask me how, please 🙏, i look on the window and i saw the station that i need to get out from the bus and my formula 1 speed put me outside the bus, just like that and i closed the 4G on phone and put my phone on the left pocket and the second story begin.

After i put the phone on the left pocket from jeans, i watch on the left side reflexively and i saw an old lady, with white hair, near 65 years old, watching at me, for no reason and just like that, in fraction of a second the old lady watching at me, pass out. In the second fraction of a second at watch at her, was down and with the head near, very, very near border that is with green line and the vaxcine on the border. I go at her but others people helped her and put her on station bank. The lady, after the pass out, he was barely breathing and the eyes up and down. Someone call to the ambulance and the lady start to feel better. Now, someone ask her, what disease she have and she said and i quote her: Only heart problems! After that, with no offence, i asked her: Are you vaxcinated? And she answer me, yes, with all doses and i didn’t ask her, what means all doses, 2 and i guess is obvious but i guess she meant 3 but who knows because was an UNhappy moment to be a detective with those kind of questions. All the people (not all) but many of them, asked me in chorus: Why you ask her if is vaxcinated? I answer: Because i read it about the vaxcine and blood clots and also, i saw many articles, videos, about this situation right here! Indeed, could be an coincidence and to not have nothing with the vaxcine but also, could be from the vaxcine and blood clots, who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️ One person, watch at me and said that is not the first when he see this kind of situation and also, he asked the same question and the answer was the same, vaxcinated,,,

Watching at those people and after at the old lady, i said, i wish you a good day ahead and i left. In my way home, i realized that i saw with my own eyes what i read it on the internet and what i saw from odysee, rumble and bitchute, about people that pass out, just like that and the coincidence to be vaxcinated. What can i say, the lady is alive and safe, the ambulance was on the way but the miracle was that the border at that station is very small, very small. At other stations the border is very high and i think about it that even the impact was on the border 100%, the old lady i believe that will survive. The problem is at some bus stations the border is very high and from my point of view, if someone pass out in the same situation like this old lady (vaxcinated or UNvaxcinted) the impact the head impact, could make that person to go on heaven. Honestly, i didn’t realize by now, that a small border or a high border, can make the difference to live or not, wauch, what a situation but is good that the old lady is on earth.

The next day, at work, i spoke with many co’workers about the situation. From what i see, very few asked me, the age, how people reacted, why i asked about the vaxcination status, how fast the ambulance comes but they asked me if the lady was well dressed and was normal from my point of view. First, in my mind, i judge them, i mean, why to ask how is dressed, well or not, rich or poor, i don’t know how to say it but i was thinking, i mean why to ask that? In my way home, on the bus i realized that i work at a cleaning company and the company at i work haves an contract with clothing stores and those people sells clothes and work there with clothes. They didn’t asked with bad intention, i guess is subconscious and i realized that i jugde people very fast and is not ok because they didn’t saw the situation like me and they don’t have the emotions that i have, because i was there, not them. I find things about myself, about my thinking process,,

After i realized that i judge others, very fast, i decide to let me hours or a day, to analize the situation. I don’t know if is good or not but for the moment, i don’t see another solution.

At the free end, thank you for your time and have a nice day ahead.

the old lady is alive and safe


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