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free hello. How are you? I hope you are good and positive vibes are in your life ๐Ÿ™

The free vlog today is about a wholesale warehouse. I know about this from 2 years and i buy from there from 1.5 years. Now, don’t understand me wrong, i buy from grocery store to, no problem, free ok. But, right now at grocery stores the prices are terrifying, everything is expansive and yesterday the gasoline was 2.44$ for 1L and diesel the same, i know that the price was not for all the stations but the price is high and that means at grocery store the prices are high. I watch at some products on 3 different grocery stores and the prices was almost the same but i saw that olive extra virgin oil have an high price and that means 10$ minimum after i made the conversion from my country currency and honestly is to much for me right now but i guess in the future the situation with prices will get back to normal.

Now, not many people knows about this wholesale warehouse because corporations here (i mean grocery stores) haves 90% on the market and very, very, very few people have an local business, a small business to be accurate and i mean a small grocery store but local (non’corporate), a family small grocery store business to be 100% accurate and this wholesale warehouse is unique (non’corporate) and many business owners that sell there and only there. Here, i buy some products from a lady (a family) from 1.5 years. I must be honest, i don’t buy regularly (once a month, when i take the salary from my daily job). Now, with this energy prices, oil prices, gasoline and diesel prices, with no offence but there at that family (we settled a human connection), things are different from the grocery stores corporations and i buy products cheap, actually, very cheap and the paradox is that the energy, oil, gasoline, prices are high but in this case (humans are humans).

Is very hard to realize that, are some places (from what i know, this is the last one here, inside the city and multi owners businesses from many nationalities, that sell honestly, not cheap, honestly, from my point of view and my money free lifestyle), non’corporate and local businesses owners with small shops, can come to buy and to sell at their shops, products from different countries and high quality products (even from my country), is like that movie with the actor Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible).

Life is life, we must adapt and to keep moving. This is the bitchute free vlog post and if you don’t know about bitchute free speech video network, i invite you to discover it and this is the invitation:

At the end, i wish you a beautiful free day ahead and take care of you.

  • bitchute
vegan lifestyle and some products


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